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Post-surgical recovery at home

After you've had a serious operation it's quite common to be yearning to get back to your own bed to rest and recuperate. Hospitals, while filled with caring medical professionals, can be loud and uncomfortable. If you are wanting to get home sooner it can be a good idea to organise home health care to help care for your physical needs and monitor your condition. It's a good way to start getting back to your own environment where you feel more comfortable and relaxed. This blog has tips for family members who are trying to organise home health care for their relatives after surgery.


Schooling the Diabetic Child

16 December 2016
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Diabetes is a common chronic ailment that affects children. Parents of diabetic children are often torn between taking their children to public schools and letting these children learn from home. While the ultimate decision is a matter of preference, various factors might sway this preference towards either of the mentioned schooling options. Three of these factors are discussed below. Child Socialization Education is an important agent of child socialization. Public schooling affords young learners unlimited opportunities for interaction with fellow learners. Read More …